Field Machine Tools is a leading Australasian supplier of onsite and portable machining equipment and engineering solutions for OEMs, field service companies, chemical plants and related industries.

The equipment we stock includes cleaners for coils, tubes, airconditioning ducts and drains; hydraulic cylinders, pumps, tools and tube expansion equipment; torque multipliers and wrenches (hydraulic and manual); tube expanding, pulling and testing equipment, as well as tube plugs, sleeving and liners; line boring and bore welding equipment; and milling machines, amongst others.

Many products are also available for rent, for short-term projects or to test equipment before making a full purchase.

Portable pipe cutting machines

Clamshell pipe lathes are portable pipe cutting machines for any environment, including underwater, petrochemical or hazardous conditions.

Field Machine Tools is an industrial equipment supplier with the largest range of on-site and in-situ machining and maintenance equipment in Australia.
Field Machine Tools supplies clamshell pipe cutting machines for hazardous environments.
KRAIS CP-1000 collet puller for removal of ferrous and non-ferrous tubing from condensers, chillers and heat exchangers.
Compact, lightweight, aluminium hydraulic torque wrenches from Hi-Force, fitted with 360° Uni-Swivel quick release couplings.
Field Machine Tools offers many lines of equipment for rent.

Field Machine Tools supplies clamshell lathes in a range of sizes, with a split-ring assembly allowing them to be mounted around in-line piping.

Cutting components are available for severing, severing and double bevelling, severing and bevelling on both sides (the mount side or the opposite), counter boring and socket weld removal.

Tube pulling machines for pressure vessels

Field Machine Tools stocks tube pulling equipment for quick and efficient removal of tubes and stubs from pressure vessels such as heat exchangers and condensers. KRAIS collet pullers are designed to remove both ferrous and non-ferrous material, and produce lines of equipment with lightweight, shortened or combined models. The company’s spear-type puller can also remove alloys and stubs from vessels.

Winema’s Bite-Me collet pullers are available as double acting or automatic gas return, and feature rapid cylinder stroke for increased productivity, a floating collet design, an adjustable nose piece and a detachable single or double actuation control handle.

Field Machine Tools also supplies semi-automatic and continuous tube pullers with pulling rates of up to 2m per minute and 5m per minute respectively. Units are supplied with or without a trolley and optionally removable power units.

Hydraulic torque wrenches for tough bolting applications

Hydraulic torque wrenches are used for difficult bolting applications to tighten bolts and fastenings. Field Machine Tools provides torque equipment from manufacturers such as Hi-Force and Predator, as well as several other leading brands.

Hi-Force square-drive aluminium hydraulic torque wrenches give a torque accuracy of +/- 3%, and a reversible steel square drive for easy switching between tightening and loosening applications. All models come with Uni-Swivel quick release couplers as standard.

The Hi-Force TWN drive cylinder hydraulic torque wrenches come with output torque capacities of between 2,700Nm to 48,181Nm. These wrenches have a compact design for hard-to-reach-applications, and are suitable for continued use even at maximum pressure.

Rental equipment

Field Machine Tools lets out many types of equipment for rental, so all clients can benefit from the largest range of on-site and in-situ machining and maintenance equipment in Australia. Equipment available for rent includes, amongst others:

  • Clamshell pipe lathes
  • Bore mount end prep machines and flange facers
  • Line boring, vessel grinding portable milling machines
  • Lifting equipment
  • Tube pulling systems
  • Hydraulic torque wrenches, pneumatic nutrunners and torque multipliers
  • Flange repair systems