Kipper Tool, based in Gainesville, Georgia, is a distributor for over 450 tool and industrial manufacturers. Kipper Tool provides over 250,000 office products, tools, hardware, fall protection, fire trucks and turnkey tool asset management systems, including the latest in radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

Kipper Tool works with the end user to optimize tool loads to help customers perform various maintenance and installation tasks.

Hand tools, power tools, construction equipment, hardware and consumables

Kipper Tool is the "one-stop-shop" to hand tools, power tools, construction equipment, hardware and consumables, which can be ordered directly from the company. Kipper Tool can supply everything from paper clips to fire trucks – no job is too big or small – and can ship worldwide.

Entry level tool kits

Kipper Tool’s tool kit solutions are developed with customers to optimize tool loads, which can lower costs. All storage unit drawers are supplied with CNC routered color foam inserts and each tool has a designated spot.

Kipper Tool can distribute general mechanics tool kits to the offshore industry; 75,000 general mechanics tool kits are in the field today.
Kipper Tool supplies the Master Mech I, a 51in roll-around tool chest, which is developed with customers to optimize tool loads and lower costs.
Kipper Tool offers the standard automotive tool set, complete with air conditioner and 10,000W diesel generator.
Kipper Tool’s mobile tool facility, developed with WinWare, is offered complete with tools and RFID technology.

Kipper Tool offer laser etching to include your company name or logo, and MAP 2D barcode matrix for low level security tool tracking. Its systems are compatible with any existing MAP 2D barcode matrix tools currently in use.

Kipper Tool’s entry level tool kits support the aviation industry, construction industry, energy/nuclear industry, automotive industry, maintenance depots/shops and service trucks.

Large tool systems

Kipper Tool works with the end user to develop each large tool system, which can support construction sites, energy / nuclear sites, mining facilities and maintenance depots.

Kipper Tool supplies Kipperkits™, which have already proven successful in military applications. The company developed the standard automotive tool set (SATS) with the US Army after being awarded a $1.2 billion contract to upgrade all of the Army’s motorpools worldwide.

The SATS system contains 1,900 items and is foamed out for rapid inventory. Inventory can be performed in 1hr, which was reduced from three days.

Mobile tool facility with tool asset management software

Kipper Tool has combined resources with WinWare Corporation to develop a mobile tool facility that utilizes WinWare’s latest in radio frequency identification (RFID) tool asset management software. The system provides the highest level of security available and is compatible with existing RFID technology.

Kipper Tool works with the end user to optimize tool load. The mobile tool facility can accommodate any storage system to include the patented lightweight tool racking system. Let Kipper Tool assist you in controlling your tool costs with one of its complete turnkey tool solutions.