In 2011, Nord-Lock will gradually introduce a laser marking on each washer pair, including the Nord-Lock brand, the control number and a type code. This new feature offers added value for the users since it improves traceability and control.

Improved traceability with laser marking

Nord-Lock customers have the most demanding applications and require maximum control. At Nord-Lock we are well-known for our high-quality production. Our rigourous testing and traceability routines make us almost unique in the fastener industry. With laser-marked Nord-Lock products you can ensure full traceability down to first assembly even when using bin-systems for fasteners. Additionally, you may rest assured that you use genuine Nord-Lock products in your application.

Note that the marking does not last during reuse, after tightening and untightening it will in most cases be unreadable. Nord-Lock therefore encourages users to take note of control numbers prior to first assembly.

Type code included in the marking

With the type code marking you can also verify the type of washer you have in your hand. The markings are divided into three areas where the type code consists of 2-4 digits confirming the coating for steel washers or the alloy for stainless steel washers.

Challenges behind the solution

The Nord-Lock production plant has conducted rigorous testing and quality assurance before the change. The implementation of the marking involved several challenges for the development engineers:

  • Integrating the marking in the production process – the Nord-Lock production process consists of comprehensive tooling where each step undergoes quality control. Introduction of the new feature had to fulfil the quality requirements as well as integrate with previous routines
  • Making the mark – the Nord-Lock washers exist in a variety of materials and the shape of it is diverse. Neither the geometry nor the quality can be compromised. Considering these factors, the strength of the marking as well as the size of the digits must be adapted to the product whilst still enabling readability
  • Marking all washers – Nord-Lock prides itself on offering a vast range of sizes as well as customer specials. Integration of a marking with specific positioning and on all sizes as well as ensuring that every single pair gets marked is a big challenge in itself

“We have ensured that the laser marking does not compromise the quality in terms of corrosion resistance and locking function,” says Christer Svedberg, development engineer. “It is a valuable improvement for customers who demand full control in their applications.”