Oceania Gas Cylinders

Oceania Gas Cylinders (OGC) supplies customised gas solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.

The company provides industrial gas cylinders and valves, cryogenic storage and transportation tanks, as well as made-to-order systems that fulfil specialised gas requirements throughout Australia and New Zealand.

OGC’s imported products are manufactured in China and Europe, and are all 100% tested and certified for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Industrial gas cylinders for the offshore industry

Manufactured in China, OGC’s industrial gas cylinders offer a more affordable and reliable alternative to local products.

Oceania Gas Cylinders (OGC) specialises in gas solutions such as high-pressure steel cylinders.
The company supplies LNG / CNG cylinders for vehicles.
OGC supplies high-pressure gas cylinder valves.
The company provides cryogenic tanks.
OGC supplies LNG storage tanks onboard ships.
The company supplies cylinder storage banks.
OGC provides fully contained systems.

OGC’s partner, Beijing Tianhai Industrial Company (BTIC), is the largest manufacturer of compressed gas cylinders in China and holds more international approvals than any other cylinder manufacturer.

The company’s range of certified products includes acetylene cylinders for welding, compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinders for vehicles, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders, liquefied natural gas (LNG) cylinders for buses and trucks, SCUBA equipment and a variety of high-pressure, seamless-steel cylinders for industrial gases that are designed to meet the specific needs of its clients.

Storage banks and containerised systems

OGC works with a local partner, Advanced Gas Solution, to offer storage banks for onsite gas supply and numerous containerised systems. These systems are used in a multitude of areas, such as portable, offshore and diving fill stations.

Cryogenic storage tanks and transport solutions

Through Beijing Tianhai Cryogenic Equipment, OGC’s cryogenics department provides three major products, namely cryogenic tanks, trailers and containers.

OGC offers both vertical and horizontal cryogenic tanks that are used for onsite storage of liquefied industrial gas and LNG, as well as custom-designed LNG tanks that are used on specialised ships. Cryogenic trailers allow OGC’s clients to transport large volumes of liquefied gas to their onsite storage.

OGC has various sizes of cryogenic containers that can be placed onsite and are versatile enough for both land and sea transport. These provide solutions for customers with small quantity requirements from 4t to 20t of liquid gas and their swappable nature makes them great for running a lean inventory.

Industrial gas cylinder valves

As the distributor for Danish firm Müller Gas Equipment, OGC offers a vast range of gas cylinder valves for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

With more than 80 years of proven experience, Müller’s advanced manufacturing techniques and rigid quality control programme have always made it a preferred supplier of international gas companies.

Consulting and customised solutions

OGC works closely with its clients to provide customised solutions that fit their specific needs, for example, the company offers consulting services to overseas manufacturers to assist with design approval and registration for importing pressure equipment into Australia.

OGC has also worked with Chinese partners throughout the design and installation of large-scale LNG / CNG refuelling stations. The rapidly growing LNG / CNG industry in China has provided vast experience to the partner companies that OGC has been working with.

This offers an opportunity for local Australian businesses to capitalise on OGC’s experience for local projects of similar size and scope, providing a turnkey solution for large-scale plant design and equipment sourcing.