Only Quality Tools has been dedicated to mechanics and the mechanical industry for more than 35 years. We provide top-grade tools for professionals, including those from STAHLWILLE, VBW and WHITE International.

Torque and torquing tools

STAHLWILLE manufactures high-grade tightening tools and intelligent torquing technology for applications in industry, car workshops and aerospace. The company was certified as early as 1992 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.

Durable spanners for offshore applications

When force is applied to a spanner, the greatest force acts on the joint between the jaw and the shaft. Standard-quality open-jaw spanners do not take this fact into consideration. In the context of normal, hard work, this can lead to the tool breaking, causing considerable personal injury.

To reduce the danger of breakage, STAHLWILLE adds more material where the greatest loads are to be found and takes it away from the places that are not under such stress. In this way, the company is able to manufacture extremely sturdy, slim and light tools which also facilitate working in confined spaces due to their compact designs.

Ratchets and sockets

Professionals in industry are always under pressure to work quickly, accurately and economically, which is why they make heavy demands on their tools. Due to the numerous technical innovations incorporated in them, STAHLWILLE ratchets and sockets make a valuable contribution to the prevention of both mistakes and injuries.

The efficiency with which you use a screwdriver in your daily work, and the safety with which you work, depend to a large extent on the quality of the tool. It is not just the use of high-grade materials but also the shape that matters – in particular the shape of the handles – if you want to stay in control.

Durable, powerful screwdrivers

The STAHLWILLE 3KDRALL screwdriver is a long-life, ergonomically designed tool providing easy working combined with maximum force transmission – even with greasy hands.

The new DRALL+ series was developed for professionals faced with new challenges on a daily basis. Development focused on three crucial user requirements: durability and reliability, safety in use, pleasant to handle. These requirements are met in full by DRALL+ screwdrivers – in fact, they feel so natural, you’ll hardly notice them.

VBW combination pliers

VBW is a wholly owned subsidiary of the German STAHLWILLE company. VBW’s range of combination pliers is a complete and an extremely extensive one. The two different body styles (chrome or polished) coupled with the two different handle designs (multi-component with soft zones or dip-coated) in their individual sizes helps to create a miriad of different types available.

With the backing of STAHLWILLE, and visa versa, VBW’s range of pliers, presently and for decades prior, have been and still are some of the top-ranking tools in the world.

Precision long nose pliers

VBW’s huge range of precision long nose pliers, covering many different styles from the stumpy long nose pliers to the extra-long versions with most available in either the straight or angled tip versions, cater for just about any job one has to carry out with this style of plier.

As with all of the VBW pliers range, they are made available in either of two different body and/or handle styles and as a result, you can choose the right one for your needs.

Wire-strippers, VDE pliers and cutters

VBW takes great pride in the production of its tools for the electrical industry and produces some of the world’s best VDE pliers and cutters along with its extremely high-quality wire strippers.

The VBW VDE range of pliers and cutters are individually voltage tested in a water bath at a test voltage of 10,000V AC in their own test laboratory. They are then approved for 1,000V AC and 1,500V DC and therefore have at least a ten-fold blow-out safety.

Heavy-duty steel tool chests, boxes, carts and lockers

WHITE International makes an extensive range of very affordable, quality tool chests and boxes. Made to withstand the test of time, they are all constructed in heavy-duty steel with ball bearing slides and powder coating for added durability.

We offer a range of practical and sturdy carts from WHITE International, packed full of features like ball bearing slides, lockable drop-down fronts, fully extendable lined drawers with aluminium handles and HD powder-coated all-steel construction.

WHITE International’s innovative lockers and add-ons are made with the same strength and durability as their matching family tool chests and trolleys. They are designed to stand alone or add onto the recommended trolley to make a true storage solution to any mechanical situation.