FEC Heliports Worldwide Offers Aluminum Extrusion - Offshore Technology | Oil and Gas News and Market Analysis
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FEC Heliports Worldwide Offers Aluminum Extrusion

The HELISLAT II is a pre-engineered aluminum design that can be extruded up to 60ft in length. This tongue and groove design, when properly supported, is capable of handling in excess of 35,000lbs of gross weight.

The HELISLAT II can be designed to meet any helipad size requirements. It has an integrated non-slip surface and is coated with an additional non-slip paint to provide protection in all weather.

FEC has designed the HELISLAT II with an internal snow melting cavity to accommodate either a glycol snow melting system or electrical heat cable. This unique design provides superior heat transfer in the harshest snow environments.

The HELISLAT II is attached to steel or aluminum I-beams and utilizes an FEC designed clamping device to reduce installation time. FEC also provides a neoprene isolation system between the steel and aluminum for dissimilar metal isolation and to help reduce vibration.

The HELISLAT II has the following advantages over concrete and steel:

  • Maintenance free – non-corrosive aluminum
  • Permanently portable – can relocate or expand it
  • Lightweight – 15psf
  • ABS approved as needed
  • Completely accessible – add or check snow melt system
  • Cost effective – long-term savings in maintenance; short-term savings in installation and support structure