Swire Oilfield Services, part of the worldwide Swire Group, is the world’s largest supplier of specialist offshore cargo carrying units to the global energy industry and is a leading specialist in modular systems, helicopter refuelling systems and chemical handling.

The company provides standard, specialised and bespoke products certified to DNV 2-7.1 and EN12079 to the worldwide oil and gas market. Its extensive hire fleet allows immediate access, 24 hours a day, to a comprehensive range of products.

Offshore cargo carrying units

Swire Oilfield Services has a fleet of more than 50,000 cargo carrying units. This fleet is constantly expanding and evolving to meet the demands of customers, and offers a wide range of sizes and configurations.

Swire Oilfield Services can provide units for sale and on a long or short-term hire basis, including:

Swire Oilfield Services is the world's largest supplier of specialist offshore cargo carrying units.
Swire Oilfield Services' full range of offshore and onshore equipment and services includes Jet A-1 bulk storage.
The company provides standard, specialised or tailored offshore cargo carrying units.
Swire Oilfield Services provides a full range of bespoke modular systems.
Its fleet of cargo-carrying units includes equipment for comprehensive bulk storage and distribution of oilfield chemicals.
  • Mini containers
  • Mud skips
  • Cargo baskets
  • Closed containers
  • Open-top containers
  • IBC carriers
  • Bottle racks

Offshore transportation tanks

Swire Oilfield Services has a custom-built fleet of offshore transportation tanks available straight from stock. With a range of capacities from 2,250l to 25,000l, your chemical tank requirements can be met. The company offers stainless-steel, titanium, carbon-steel and lined carbon-steel vessels with options for top or bottom discharge and IMO-classified tanks for most applications. Swire Oilfield Services’ ‘SAFE’ tank is at the forefront of innovation and has been designed to meet the ever-changing demands of the oil and gas market.

Helifuel systems

Swire Oilfield Services delivers reliable offshore refuelling facilities supported by a full range of offshore and onshore equipment and services. From Jet A-1 bulk storage, transit tank rental and filling, through full documentation, spare stock holding, nozzle and coupling refurbishment, to offshore inspection, maintenance and repair, it offers a comprehensive and flexible service which can be extended to include management of your own equipment.

These services are provided both onshore and offshore and include the following:

  • Bulk storage, handling and dispensing of Jet A-1 fuel
  • Provision of fuel transit tanks
  • Certification, maintenance and repair of customer-owned fuel transit tanks
  • Repair and refurbishment of fuel system components
  • Repair and refurbishment of couplings and nozzles
  • Full-store stockholding of relevant spares and consumables
  • Commissioning, certification, maintenance and repair of helicopter refuelling systems, in the UK and worldwide
  • Provision of comprehensive quality and operational training courses and instruction
  • Consultation in legislation compliance and interpretation of aviation authority guidelines

Chemical handling services

Swire Oilfield Services offers a complete chemical storage, handling and management service for customer-owned products from many of its facilities. This service includes receipt of chemical bulk deliveries, transfer into storage, chemical blending, computerised stock control systems, final dispatch with relevant documentation and necessary QA certification.

All activities in relation to the storage and handling of chemicals are carried out in compliance with the company’s ISO 14001 environmental management procedures.