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Swire Oilfield Services Launches New Modular Division

Swire Oilfield Services, the leading global provider of offshore cargo carrying units and associated services has officially launched a new global division, Swire Modular Systems.

The company recently announced a £50 million investment in additional fleet units and has formed this new division to offer the benefits of Modular Systems to customers at any location around the world.

Swire has been a leading provider of specialist, custom designed control cabins, workshops, office modules, winch and ROV modules and refrigeration units in Norway for over 20 years. The expertise in design and manufacturing has resulted in customers transferring Swire Modular Systems to all corners of the globe.

To ensure that Swire Modular Systems meet the specific requirements of UK customers, a new team has been set up creating six new jobs in Aberdeen to support the UK sector. Led by Reinhardt Schoeman, product line manager Modular Systems UK, this team enables Swire to either design a new bespoke system to a customer’s specification or tailor a proven design to ensure it meets customers’ needs. These modular systems can either be bought or leased depending on the project requirements.

Areas of expertise, taken from Swire’s extensive multi-national knowledge, have been combined to provide customers with a comprehensive product offering. With extensive specialist cabins knowledge taken from Norway, helicopter refuelling systems from the UK and Australia, and pump and filtration expertise from its North American and Australian operations, Swire has developed an all round effective product.

Head of the new division, Arild Sivertsen is very clear on his vision: “We already have an excellent reputation as a provider of high quality modular systems in the Norwegian sector. By combining this with the global reputation and capability of Swire Oilfield Services we are ideally placed to offer these systems to all offshore operators, anywhere in the world.

As safety standards improve, technical requirements become more sophisticated and working environments made more efficient, Swire Modular Systems will be a key part of the overall solution to maximise offshore productivity and minimise project cost.”

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