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FRIALIT® Ceramic Components for Induction Hardening

Often metal parts e.g. pipes, wires, ribbons etc. are hardened in order to optimise mechanical features. Induction hardening today plays a central role in induction warming applications. In addition FRIALIT® GP79 and HP79 silicium nitride materials by FRIATEC are used in the appropriate induction warming plants. The ceramic components serve to align and position the material to be hardened. Several years of experiments and research involving customers have proven that the ceramic materials FRIALIT® GP79 or HP79 have outstanding qualities compared to other materials e.g. steel, glass and also other ceramic materials.

  • No warming via the magnetic field
  • High resistance to wear and tear with abrasive products
  • Optimum stability
  • Long service life
  • No metal deposits on product
  • Temperature resistance up to 1,400°C
  • Extremely high resistance to thermal shock
  • Good electrical insulation qualities

Using FRIALIT® GP79 or HP79 has the following benefits eg. simple handling due to low specific weight. Hardly any dirt and grease will cling to the ceramic components, and this will improve operational safety. Cleaning processes can be greatly reduced. As the ceramic is not warmed via the magnetic field, the use of electricity can be reduced by using this material. The benefits listed have a positive effect on production cost and quality consistency.

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