Aliaxis Utilities & Industry is part of the Aliaxis-conglomerate along with Friatec. Friatec is one of the oldest and most renowned companies in the Mannheim area in Germany. Founded in 1860, the company has since been working with ceramics and the improvement of the material and processing technologies.

At your disposal is our vast experience of customer specific manufacturing for the offshore and subsea industry, including choice of materials and product design. This makes us an excellent choice for partner already in the development and design phase of a new product or application. Get in touch with us to assure highest quality and function of your products and applications.

Our customers rightly expect first class performance with lasting value. With our competence we assume the responsibility for achieving that. Please ask for references: FRIALIT®-DEGUSSIT® is the technology and market leader in ceramic materials of the 21st century.

Engineering ceramic design

Aliaxis Utilities & Industry and Friatec have many years of experience in ceramic products for engineering applications. We have applied this collected experience and know how on our products and solutions for the offshore and subsea market.

Three-pin high-pressure feedthrough for subsea measurement instrument; tested up to 1,500 bar.
Capacitive ceramic sensor for tank level gauging for offshore and subsea use; tested up to 1,100 bar.
Pistons and cylinders fit together with a gap of 2-5µm or 5-10µm, depending on diameter, with surface values of Ra =0,1µm for cylindrical surfaces or Ra =0,02 for flat surfaces.

For the most extreme offshore and subsea conditions we can provide you with custom-made solutions fitted to your special purposes. Whether you have problems with corrosive environment, high pressure, high abrasion, extreme erosion, high temperature or steep temperature changes, our FRIALIT ceramics can be a solution.

During the years, we have developed technologies for production of ceramic-to-metal assemblies. We can call ourselves specialists in connecting ceramics to metals, where metal parts are strengthened by the ceramics in zones exposed to abrasion, erosion and corrosion. Various connecting methods have been mastered, such as shrinking in, soldering, brazing, gluing and sintering in. By wrapping ceramics in metal, the fear of thrust and fracture vulnerability with ceramics will decrease considerably.

Ceramic electrical feedthroughs, connectors and insulators

Aliaxis Utilities & Industry / Friatec manufactures a wide variety of ceramic-to-metal seals for use as electrical feedthroughs and connectors. Our ceramic feedthroughs are designed to operate under high pressure together with high voltage, high power and high temperature in corrosive environments.

Our feedthroughs can be produced with one or more pins, a ceramic insulator and a metal housing, all brazed together to make a hermetically sealed electrical feedthrough or connector. The ceramic insulator consists of our highly insulating 99,7% aluminium oxide FRIALIT F99,7. Depending on the application parameters and if required any of our other ceramic materials may be used.

According to your application parameters we will carefully find the right material combination of our ceramics together with the best suited metals, layers and alloys. We use highly insulating ceramics of the utmost quality in our components. Our experienced teams in the assembly development and design departments have the required know-how and experience in connecting ceramics to various metals with different brazing technologies.

Our ceramic-to-metal assemblies are suitable in numerous applications including subsea systems, high-pressure oil systems, vacuum systems, and instrument systems where you have pressure up to 2,000 bar.

Ceramic components for sensors

We manufacture high-quality parts made from FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT ceramics for applications involving complex and demanding requirements. Sensor technology is an interesting, ever growing area often requiring the use of ceramics. To mention a few:

  • Ceramic components for pressure sensors and pressure transducers
  • Microwaves and radar sensors for contact free measurements as well as for interface measurement
  • Magnetically inductive flow meters
  • Capacitive sensors for level gauging systems used for pressure ranges of more than 1,000 bar

The particular features of the ceramic materials by FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT for sensors are:

  • Small as well as large product dimensions
  • Low hysteresis of the measuring signals up to the range of 0.05% resulting in high reproducibility of the measuring results
  • Great natural stability
  • High resistance to corrosive, erosive and abrasive attack
  • Suitable for high pressure usage
  • High temperature resistance

We achieve optimum and reliable problem solutions through continual development of materials and products in close co-operation with our customers.