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Stainless-Steel Solenoid Valves

From January 2015, all of IMI's fluid power businesses were brought under one new division, IMI Precision Engineering. IMI Precision Engineering is Norgren's new trading name and the world-class range of products has become IMI Norgren, IMI Buschjost, IMI FAS, IMI Maxseal and IMI Herion.


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From January 2015, all of IMI’s fluid power businesses were brought under one new division, IMI Precision Engineering. IMI Precision Engineering is Norgren’s new trading name and the world-class range of products has become IMI Norgren, IMI Buschjost, IMI FAS, IMI Maxseal and IMI Herion.

The new name and brand identity is just part of a long-term commitment which includes new investment in manufacturing and the supply chain, as well as innovation and new product development. The aim is to deliver ‘Engineering GREAT’, which, for customers, means close partnership and problem-solving, high-performance products and the reliability that comes from world-class manufacturing and a sales and service network across 75 countries.

IMI Precision Engineering has more than 80 years’ experience in providing oil, gas and chemical solutions that are proven in safety, reliability and durability, in the most extreme environmental and operating conditions around the globe. With world-class product ranges, including IMI Norgren, IMI Buschjost, IMI Herion and IMI Maxseal, our products are designed to work effectively in aggressive environments and extreme temperatures and meet international standards.

At the heart of our offering to the energy sector are stainless-steel solenoid valves and air preparation equipment (filters, regulators and filter-regulators), pneumatic and hydraulic pressure switches, I/P and E/P convertors, 2/2 way and 3/2 way process valves and redundant valve manifold (RVM) systems.

IMI Precision Engineering is a leading supplier of stainless-steel solenoid valves.
Pilot-assisted ICO2 solenoid valves are intrinsically safe.
The IMI Maxseal product range includes 0.25in and 0.5in stainless-steel, two, three and five port direct-acting ICO4S solenoid valves.
NAMUR interface and in-line solenoid valves are used to control pneumatic actuators.
IMI Precision Engineering also offers IMI Norgren and IMI Maxseal branded stainless-steel air preparation equipment, IMI Herion pneumatic and hydraulic pressure switches and IMI Buschjost process valves.

Solenoid valve technology

IMI Maxseal is an extremely high-quality range of stainless-steel solenoid valves, designed and manufactured with reliability and integrity in mind. IMI Maxseal valves have performed exceptionally well in harsh environments all across the world for more than 50 years. These products are traditionally associated with offshore oil and gas applications and coastal environments where a fully stainless-steel construction is advantageous.

IMI Maxseal’s range includes the market-leading ICO4S solenoid valve for instrument changeover duties, which offers the offshore and petrochemical industries uniquely reliable and heavy-duty unit. The range also includes two and five-port configurations, as well as the ICO4N variant for specific applications.

The ICO3 range is a compact, lower power and reduced weight unit, specifically geared to today’s requirements in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. With its dual-certified solenoid magnetically fine-tuned to operate a 1/4in valve at 2W, the ICO3 is typically suited to applications such as emergency shutdown systems (ESD).

The IMI Herion brand offers a comprehensive range of robust pilot and control valves and pressure switches that are ideally suited to aggressive and harsh environments and are offered with a wide range of global certifications and approvals, including ATEX and SIL.

ICO4-PST smart solenoid valve for partial stroke testing

The ICO4-PST is the first fully integrated partial stroke testing solution with the control system built into the market leading IMI Maxseal ICO4 high-integrity solenoid valve. With the lowest safe and dangerous failure rates of any intelligent PST system on the market and always providing the highest possible diagnostic coverage, the best possible SIL performance is guaranteed.

The ICO4-PST is reliable and flexible, and can be designed to your specification. Manifold options are available depending specific environmental and application requirements.

Redundant valve manifold systems

A compact modular unit with fewer components and just one inlet and one outlet, the RVM is built around proven, high-performance products, IMI Herion and IMI Maxseal.

It is easy to replace and maintain and is fully compatible with 1oo2, 2oo2 and 2oo3 systems, ensuring system integrity and safety. RVM systems for oil and gas applications include V82-Compact RVM, a space saving solution with the smallest overall footprint.

RVM system for chemical and petrochemical applications include V81- modular RVM with the added benefit of a bypass function enabling valve removal online, plus visual pressure indicators showing valve position status, and V84-compact RVM.

Instrument air and gas preparation

IMI Precision Engineering air and gas preparation solutions protect sensitive and expensive instrumentation and controls from water, oil or particle contamination.

IMI Norgren and IMI Maxseal 316 stainless-steel filter regulators are especially suited for offshore applications, for corrosive environments and suitable for instrument air or hydrocarbon gas.

High pressure regulators work within a wide temperature range and offer high-pressure options up to 750bar.

The three-stage filtration system filters air in three stages:

  • Stage 1 – 25µ particles, 70% water
  • Stage 2 – 5µ particles, 90% water
  • Stage 3 – 0.01ppm oil, submicron particles, trace moisture

Compressed air dryer systems with AMT technology

IMI Norgren’s patented adsorbent media tube (AMT) technology takes the best of current desiccant and membrane dryer systems, and eradicates the flaws associated with their short lifecycles, and the costs of regular replacement.

It dries better than any current solution, no matter how extreme the environment, lasts up to six years, compared with between six and 24 months in most applications. AMT dryers are more reliable and need far less maintenance and prevent unplanned shutdowns.

Pressure valves, pressure control solutions

In addition to solenoid valves the IMI Precision Engineering product portfolio for the oil, gas and chemical markets include pressure valves (aluminium, brass or stainless-steel) with pressures up to 350bar. Pressure control solutions include spring-loaded and dome-loaded regulators and back pressure maintaining valves with a pressure range up to 450bar.

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