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NAG Marine

Shipboard Solutions for Offshore Vessels

NAG Marine is a systems integration technology company that sells, designs and services shipboard systems and associated control components on board ocean-going vessels.

2511 Walmer Ave,
Virginia, 23322,
United States of America

NAG Marine is a systems integration technology company that sells, designs and services shipboard systems and associated control components onboard ocean-going vessels.

During the last 20 years, we have gathered experience in developing and ruggedising innovative commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products into military-specification (Mil-Spec) solutions that can withstand adverse shipboard environments.

Shipboard fluid automation for the offshore, naval and commercial marine markets

NAG Marine holds exclusive distribution agreements with Eltorque™, RWO Marine Water Technology™, VEGA Americas™ and Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments™ to supply advanced products for shipboard fluid systems.

These include bilge oil content monitors (OCMs), tank level indicators (TLIs), and electric valve actuators.

Environmental Discharge Compliance

Our line of bilge Oil Content Monitors, including the new TD107s, is based on ultraviolet (UV) fluorescence technology. Fluorescent compounds such as oil have unique UV wavelength signatures. By identifying and measuring only specific wavelength signatures, our oil content monitors are able to be resistant to interferences by turbidity or particles/sediments in the bilge.

Tank Level Indicators

As a long-standing partner of VEGA Americas™, we are the exclusive sale and service agent of shipboard Radar and time-domain reflectometry (TDR) TLIs for the US Navy and Coast Guard, along with the Military Sealift Command. We also serve the needs of commercial marine and offshore rig customers.

Electric Valve Actuators

NAG Marine consistently finds cost-effective and reliable solutions to meet customer needs. All of our quarter-turn and multi-turn actuators are based on permanent magnet motor technology. This technology allows us to supply you with highly intelligent units with no need for maintenance, designed to last the lifetime of the vessel.

Rugged embedded computer and display hardware

NAG Marine is the exclusive provider of Rugged Science™ computers, hardware, and networking devices to the US Navy. All of our products are designed to be wide temperature, fan-less, and solid-state to withstand adverse shipboard environments.

Our line of rugged embedded computers, displays, operator interface panels (OIP), all-in-one (AIO) flat-panel computers and rugged network switches meet and exceed military qualifications such as MIL-S-901D, MIL-STD-461F, and MIL-STD-167-1. They are also designed to achieve longevity and obsolescence mitigation.

Lifelong on-board technical service

NAG Marine provides full lifecycle support of our radar and TDR TLI systems, and military-hardened flat panel computers from Rugged Science.

Our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) trained technicians are experienced in shipboard fluid systems or electrical systems component integration, commissioning and service. They effectively communicate with planning yard engineers, NAVSEA in-service engineering agents, port engineers, chief engineers, and class surveyors.

Technical services include commissioning, calibration and recalibration, and system verification.

Our service engineers enable us to achieve consistently successful product start-up, calibration and installation.

Oil Content Monitors

The history of Oily Water Separators (OWS) and Oil Content Monitors (OCM) on board commercial vessels is frustrating, confusing, and more often than not, very expensive.

NAG Marine Partners with DASPOS International Inc.

NAG Marine, Norfolk, Virginia, has partnered with DASPOS International Inc. in its mission to prevent engine room fires before they occur and bring ships and people back to port safely.