NAG Marine’s innovative oil spill prevention technology has taken another step into the future. The TD-107s UV Fluorescence Oil Content Monitor, released in 2020, began installation onto ships this September. To date, units have been successfully installed on a variety of drilling rigs/platforms, offshore support vessels and US Navy Support vessels replacing all onboard units, including light-scatter devices.

The use of fluorescence technology makes the TD-107s Oil Content Monitor resistant to interferences by turbidity or particles/sediments in the bilge, which adversely impact light-scatter devices. Fluorescence occurs when a molecule absorbs light energy of one specific wavelength and emits light energy of a longer wavelength. Oil compounds each have a unique ‘wavelength signature’, and these signatures can be displayed as an actual concentration of oil in water.

Proper oil spill prevention measures save ships valuable time, money and energy. The TD-107s uses UV Fluorescence technology which has proven to be more discerning when detecting oil in water. This OCM can be calibrated to 5ppm or 15ppm to ensure that vessels adhere to EPA and IMO standards.