SkoFlo Industries is to receive the Spotlight on New Technology Award for its Subsea Back Pressure Regulator at the forthcoming 2016 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC).

OTC awards honour innovative technologies based on broad appeal to the industry, proven capabilities through full-scale application or successful prototype testing, and significant impact with benefits beyond existing technologies.

The SkoFlo Back Pressure Regulator, qualified and deployed on green and brown fields to combat fluid siphoning for wells with low pressure, maintains a preset fluid column pressure at the injection point.

The subsea back pressure regulator can be delivered and retrieved thousands of feet below the surface of the ocean to a site via a ROV (remote operating vehicle). It is installed above chemical injection flow pipe lines that run along the sea floor to the well location.

When well pressures fall below a specified set point in the device, it automatically activates to regulate and control overall line pressure.