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Spring Technology for the Offshore Industry

Springtech, a leading provider of spring technology, provides design, development and manufacturing services for springs, wireforms, presswork and assemblies in accordance with ISO 9001.

Unit 1 Fairview Estate, Beech Road,
High Wycombe,
HP 11 1RY,
United Kingdom

Springtech, a leading provider of spring technology, provides design, development and manufacturing services for springs, wireforms, presswork and assemblies in accordance with ISO 9001. Many of our clients from the energy / oil and gas sector expect high-quality manufactured components and exacting standards.

Springtech’s manufacturing capabilities in the UK allow for both small and large-volume manufacture for delivery to clients globally.

Springs for valves, pipelines and propulsion systems

Springtech manufactures a wide variety of spring technology, including seal energising springs, torsion springs, compression and extension springs, garter springs, zigzag springs, wave springs, washers, brackets, wire-forms and stampings / pressings. Knowledge and expertise in specialist materials and a wide breadth of manufacturing expertise ensure product conformance.

Spring manufacture from hastelloy, inconel, monel and more

At Springtech we manufacture using a wide range of materials, including hastelloy, inconel, monel, nimonic, tantalum and titanium, as well as more standard materials. Springtech’s expertise and knowledge of working with such materials enables the manufacture of spring technology for use in the most extreme conditions and applications.

Spring product design, analysis and development

Springtech incorporates a product design centre where design engineers undertake analysis, design and development utilising Springtech’s in-house tooling capabilities. Development engineers work hand in hand with designers and quality engineers to ensure the working performance of each spring prior to commitment and manufacture.

Heat treatment and chemical cleaning finishing services for springs

At Springtech our finishing department incorporates heat treatment facilities enabling heat treatment up to 1,100°C via gas-fired and electric ovens. Our cleaning department incorporates chemical cleaning, passivation and vapour degreasing capabilities, allowing components to be free of unwanted deposits caused from the machining and related fabrication processes. Specialist plating / coating services are also available.

Quality assured and tested spring manufacture

Springtech monitors the manufacture of each component throughout its manufacturing process and at final completion to ensure conformance. Testing facilities ensure that the working characteristics of each product are assured against the technical specification and operating requirements.

Springtech Essential Guide to spring technology

The Springtech Guide is the only essential industry resource designed to answer your questions and queries, and provide you with additional helpful information regarding the specification and manufacture of spring components.

Based on over 500 years’ experience working with engineers and product designers in a variety of critical manufacturing fields such as medical, aerospace, oil and gas, and Formula 1 Racing – amongst many others – the technicians at Springtech have pooled their knowledge and compiled this comprehensive guide covering topics such as:

  • The essential elements of spring design
  • Typical drawings and specification layouts
  • Standard terms and industry terminology
  • Tension, torsion and compression springs
  • Spring configurations
  • Materials selector
  • Specialist materials and typical uses
  • Surface finishing
  • Manufacture and testing
  • Reference data and conversion tables
  • Post treatment
  • Wire form shapes
  • Press strip parts

To request a free printed copy of the Springtech Essential Guide to spring technology, please visit our website or use the link below.

Springtech Ltd (Headquarters)

Unit 1 Fairview Estate, Beech Road

High Wycombe


HP 11 1RY

United Kingdom

Springtech (Aberdeenshire)

Watermill Road, Fraserburgh


AB43 9BU


United Kingdom