Stäubli Corporation, a leading manufacturer of quick connector systems, announces the introduction of the HMO line for subsea applications. The HMO coupling is designed to handle working pressures of up to 22,500 psi and temperatures from -22°F to 350°F, making it an ideal choice for HPHT applications for flying leads, stab plates, control modules or fluid injection.

The HMO coupling has a floating mount design, with a built-in double-stage guiding system, allowing it to fully align before engaging the seal area. The floating design allows for a maximum axial misalignment of .026° and maximum radial misalignment of .046in, without additional guidance. This feature reduces stresses on both the coupling and seals, minimizing galling and scratching that otherwise would reduce the leak tightness and life of the coupling.

Thank to its construction, the HMO coupling allows to make and break with full residual pressure, no sealing element being positioned in the flow line.

The metallic sealing is done via a high technology seal, with an outer layer of Inconel 600 encapsulating a Nimonic spring. This innovative design creates a highly resilient sealing surface, adjusting to imperfections and compatible with axial motion between plug and socket.

The HMO subsea coupling is available in ¼in, 3/8in, ½in, and 1in sizes (coupling body of Nitronic 50 and 60).

For more information, stop by booth 3505 at the Offshore Technology Conference to preview the HMO line and connection solutions for all types of fluids, gases and electrical power.