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Stäubli is an international organization with a worldwide network. Experts in high-quality quick-release coupling systems for more than 50 years, Stäubli develops quick connections for any fluid or other energy circuits that you may need.

Our expertise will help you with all your connector applications either for:

  • Mono couplings
  • Balanced couplings
  • Stab plates

With our expert knowledge of offshore applications and by working closely with our technical staff, we can bring you up-to-date replies to your most specific requirements.

Testing techniques adapted to the offshore industry:

  • High pressure and high temperature (HP HT)
  • Hyperbaric pressure vessel (pressure equivalence: 3,000m)
  • Gas under pressure (air, nitrogen, helium) up to 50,000psi
  • Oil under pressure up to 58,000psi
  • Water up to 100,000psi
  • Temperature testing from -110°F to +350°F
  • Temperature cyclings
  • Thermal shocks

Techniques and materials adapted to an offshore environment (pressure constraints, temperature, corrosion and leak tight seals) and for remote control use (multi-connection and self-aligning).


The seals on our couplings may be completely or partially metallic:

  • For long term water immersion
  • For good resistance to low and high temperatures and pressure
  • In order to reduce operating costs due to seal wear and tear

We offer a patented system with self-aligning couplings with metal seals.


Our coupling systems allow simple and efficient connection and disconnection on your installations to eliminate maintenance costs caused by misalignment. Provided by:

  • A pre-guiding system together with an elastic connection
  • Double guiding system
  • Swivel couplings


Stäubli offers you a range of products adapted to demanding pressure and temperature constraints. Well-balanced connections:

  • Eliminate the consequences of pressure by a repelling action
  • Simplified locking system
  • Connection and disconnection under pressure.

Our products are particularly adapted to high flow, and pressure shock.


Materials chosen for a corrosive atmosphere, conforming to the NACE standards.

  • Stainless steel
  • Inconel®

Compatible with many fluids, including:

  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Methanol
  • Glycol water
  • Wax inhibitors


Quick and simultaneous connection of all services is possible: pneumatic, gas, hydraulic and electric. In one movement, all your circuits are connected saving time and optimizing security.

The multi connection stab plate allows ease of maintenance. There is no need to touch the pipe system when interchanging sockets and plugs:

  • No tubes to be cut
  • No need for welding
  • Stab plates for simultaneous energy connections
  • A complete solution with hydraulic lines and electrical connectors
  • Proven long term reliability

A few samples of applications covered by our products:

  • Hydraulic motor supply for winch
  • Completion
  • Liquid injection via the ROV device
  • Seismic analysis
  • Fluid injection for Christmas trees, control modules
  • Connections between manifold and Christmas trees
  • Tool connection via ROV operations
  • Automatic push-pull valve coupling for suction pile installation
  • Sealing tests on risers and pipelines
  • Pipeline welding
  • Cooling circuits for the power generators

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Press Release

Staubli Releases Free White Paper

Staubli, a market leader in quick-release coupling systems, has released a free white paper on Offshore Technology.

White Papers

Staubli Quick-Release Couplings

Staubli's modular range of quick release couplings are designed for applications in all industrial sectors and research and development.

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Products and Services

CBX: Compact Non-Spill Quick Couplings for Hydraulic Applications

The compact design and automatic locking of CBX couplings makes them ideal for repeated, blind or hard-to-access connections.

COS: Subsea Couplings for Hydraulic Applications

Key data:

HMO: Quick-Release Couplings with Metallic Sealing for Subsea Applications

The original HMO design with integrated floatability provides the self-alignment of the plug into the socket.

HPX: Heavy-Duty Screw-On Quick Couplings for Hydraulic Applications

Our HPX non-spill quick couplings are ideal for heavy-duty, high-pressure hydraulic applications, when a secure connection is most crucial.

MCS: Customized Multi-Coupling

The MCS (multi-connect system) is a customized multi-connection system for subsea equipment, such as risers and workover umbilicals.

MPX: Non-Spill Flat-Face Quick Coupling for Hydraulics

Designed for quick connection of hydraulic circuits, our high-performance MPX couplings meet the toughest industrial demands.

RBE: Modular Coupling with Push Button

Our completely modular RBE range offers a wide choice of component materials and seals, along with three different shut-off options and various other options to create the right coupling solution for your applications.

RMP 49: Centralized Connection for High-Pressure Hydraulic Circuits

RMP plates offer excellent yield with a high flow rate and fluid speed of up to 30m/s, making them ideal for core pulling and other applications involving high pressure.

SCB: Non-Spill Flat-Face Quick Coupling

Our flat-face SCB range allows non-spill, clean break connections and disconnections, while the coupling's internal design offers excellent flow rate.

SPX: High-Pressure Flush-Face Quick Coupling

Clean break, robust and easy to handle, SPX quick couplings are ideal for hydraulic connections in challenging environments.


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Staubli, a market leader in quick-release coupling systems, has released a free white paper on Offshore Technology.

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