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Vessel Supplies, Marine Engineering and Offshore Salvage

Globe Bulk Services (GBS) is a South East Asia-based provider of all-round maritime services.



Globe Bulk Services (GBS) is a South East Asia-based provider of all-round maritime services.

Vessel supplies, marine engineering and general maritime services

We provide a wide range of services for the offshore and marine sectors, including:

  • Ship agency
  • Fresh water supply
  • Bunker and de-bunker
  • Slop disposal operations
  • Tank and cargo hold cleaning
  • Engineering and electrical works
  • Trucking and warehousing

Chartering and shipbroking

Our chartering and shipbroking services include:

GBS won Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award in 2013.
GBS also won the Singapore Maritime Distinguished Award 2014.
We offer a range of services, from marine engineering to offshore salvage.
GBS carries out chartering and shipbroking services across various shipping and offshore industries.
Our towage services can be applied to new-builds, re-commissioned and specialised vessels.
Drillships, FPSO, FSO, OSV and work barges can benefit from our marine advisory services.
Services include environmental protection, cargo recovery and wreck removal.
Our customised projects include decal installation and repair.
We recently completed a national land reclamation project for sand and aggregate discharging operations.
GBS is anchored by its skilled team of maritime professionals.
  • Disponent ownership to support the offshore industry
  • Time charter to carry commodities and equipment
  • Voyage charter to carry equipment for the oil and gas industry
  • Shipbroking across various shipping and offshore industries

Towage and advisory services

We provide specialised towage and marine advisory services for new-builds and re-commissioned vessels, as well as specialised vessels, such as drillships, FPSO, FSO, OSV and work barges, including:

  • Arrangement of specialised towage
  • Providing towage management and advisory services
  • Tow masters and tow crew
  • Tow coordinators (including tow manuals)
  • Marine communicators
  • Sea-trial masters
  • Marine risk assessments, such as HAZID and HAZOP

Offshore salvage services

Mammoet Salvage is a rapidly growing full-service provider of maritime services, operating worldwide. Mammoet Salvage is part of the Mammoet group of companies, the world’s leading specialists in engineered heavy lifting and multimodal transport solutions.

Formed in 2006, Mammoet Salvage has rapidly developed into one of the world’s leading salvage operators. Projects range from routine salvage and emergency response operations to unique and highly specialised salvage projects.

Mammoet Salvage’s strength is based on the synergy between some of the world’s best salvage experts, the global Mammoet organisation and its specialist engineering department.

Mammoet Salvage offers quality systems certified to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, and belongs to the International Salvage Union (ISU) and the American Salvage Association (ASA).

Mammoet Salvage’s core activities are:

  • Emergency response services
  • Wreck removal, port clearance and cargo recovery
  • Deep sea special projects
  • Environmental protection

Marine and offshore clients

GBS’ roster of high-profile clients includes:

  • Samwoh Group of Companies
  • Sembawang Shipyard
  • SES Marine
  • Keppel Singmarine
  • Keppel Shipyard
  • JSML Marine
  • Austen Marine Services
  • Yang Kee Logistics
  • Premier Regional Power SDN BHD
  • Mammoet Salvage
  • NSB
  • SUN HWA Decal
  • Hanjin Shipping
  • Mencast
  • Lundin
  • E-Ships
  • V. Ships

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Products & services

  • Project Cargo / Project-Based Services

    Largely defined as the process of moving cargo too complex for conventional methods, GBS provides project management services across a range of industries.

  • Specialised Towage

    With our towage and advisory services, we can fully integrate all aspects of the towage process under one synchronised management programme.

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