The International Maritime Contractors Association (IMCA) met in Singapore last week for its annual global seminar on safety entitled ‘Safety is our Common
Language’. This seminar attracted a host of governmental, client and marine contracting industry
specialists from around the globe.

As the Asia Pacific representative of the IMCA Marine Division Management Committee, Captain Mike Meade, CEO of M3 Marine, delivered a presentation on the Special Purpose Ships (SPS) Code
2008. The presentation provided delegates with an understanding of the code, the changes
implemented by the code and their consequent impact on vessel compliance and issues arising as a

The presentation prompted an interesting debate over the inconsistencies in the code in so far
as they relate to offshore construction support vessels involved in a wide range of operational
requirements and the knock-on effect on members’ vessels. Within the presentation, Mike touched on the regulatory framework for shipping, the functions of the International Maritime Organisation
(IMO) and IMCA’s observance of the same. Overall, delegates went away with an informed platform for
the application of the code.

IMCA represents offshore, marine and underwater engineering companies around the globe who work
mainly in support of offshore oil and gas exploration and production. Its primary goal is to promote
good practice, particularly in the areas of health, safety and environmental standards, quality and
efficiency and technical standards throughout the industry. M3 Marine is an enthusiastic and keen
supporter of the association.