M3 Marine Offshore Ship Broking and Consultancy Services

The M3 Marine group of companies (the M3 Marine Group), founded by industry veteran Captain Mike Meade and supported by an experienced team of energetic employees and associates, is based in Singapore.

Ship broking and offshore consultancy services

The M3 Marine Group provides ship broking as well as a comprehensive range of offshore services tailored to meet the needs of the offshore marine, oil and gas industry.

The M3 Marine Group is underpinned by over 30 years of multi-faceted industry experience, direct access to a vast network of vessel owners of all types, class and size of offshore vessels, and backed by a network of associates in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australasia.

Its consultants and brokers have extensive experience in their respective fields, allowing the M3 Marine Group to meet the growing local and international demand for specialised marine expertise and uphold its commitment to being an industry leader.

The M3 Marine Group’s clients include:

  • Vessel owners and operators
  • Subsea diving / ROV / cable engineering and inspection companies
  • Offshore oil and gas operators
  • Marine services companies
  • Seismic vessel support
  • Drilling contractors
  • Banking, law and finance institutions
  • EPIC contractors
  • Government agencies

Offshore vessel sale and purchase brokerage

As Asia’s largest independent offshore marine brokers, focusing particularly on marine offshore support and specialised vessels, the M3 Marine Group can add value to the traditional broker chain by assisting buyers and sellers with vessel identification, contract negotiations, registry and closure.

Offshore vessel new-build services

The M3 Marine Group is actively involved in all aspects of the offshore new-building process including: vessel design, specification, pre-qualification of shipyard, bidding, shipyard selection, contract negotiation, commercial closing and vessel delivery. The M3 Marine Group plays a proactive role in matching shipyards and buyers / vessel owners, assisting owners in shipyard selection and contributing expertise early on in the ship design stage.

Over the years, the M3 Marine Group has forged strong relations with many shipyards (especially those in the South-East Asia region). These include Drydocks World SEA, Nam Cheong International, ASL Shipyard, Jaya Shipbuilding and Engineering, and Fujian Southeast Shipyard.

Time and bareboat charter brokerage

The M3 Marine Group offers brokerage for time and bareboat charters and is well-versed in all manner of time, bareboat and lump sum contracts. The M3 Marine Group seeks to facilitate charter negotiations and add value to the commercial chain while ensuring FAIR (IMCA contracting principles) principles are applied.

M3 Marine Expertise – offshore marine consultancy services

The M3 Marine Group’s comprehensive range of offshore marine services are aimed at facilitating its clients’ decision-making processes, achieving clients’ objectives and adding value where it matters most. The M3 Marine Group continually interfaces with the market and can add significant contributions to new projects and requirements.

The founder and managing director of the M3 Marine Group, Captain Mike Meade, has 25 years of commercial experience connected to the offshore marine industry and, in particular, expertise in subsea operations. Mike is a trusted and respected contributor to the commercial needs of the subsea network both locally and globally.

The general manager, Captain John Meade, brings a wealth of knowledge and acquired skills across a wide range of marine disciplines including senior roles in pilotage, towage, port operations and marine warranty. His expertise in the offshore marine ‘patch’ includes rig moving, FPSO operations, vessel inspections, auditing and marine warranty of offshore construction projects.

Professional, technical and operational offshore marine expertise

In addition, the M3 Marine Group has a wide and experienced team of associates whose disciplines include technical assurance, marine consultancy for offshore construction and installation, offshore marine health and safety consultancy, tow masters, dynamic positioning, specialist marine manning and other marine project consultancy.

The M3 Marine Group’s services include:

  • New-build specification and consultancy
  • Vessel valuations
  • Due diligence and market research
  • Expert witness, contract drafting and negotiation
  • Insurance claims support
  • Technical editing and business writing
  • Dynamic positioning consultancy
  • Specialist marine manning
  • Vessel suitability
  • Company set-up service

The M3 Marine Group is a keen advocate of maritime professionalism in all areas of operation and practice and throughout the delivery of its services. Furthermore, the group’s structure enables its companies to offer timely, quality, tailored services founded on up-to-the-minute expert offshore knowledge.

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Press Release

M3 Marine Plays Integral Role in Evolution of Compact Semi-Submersible Vessel

One of Asia's largest independent offshore ship broking and marine consultancy firms, M3 Marine, has been instrumental in the conceptualisation and development of a new vessel type – the compact semi-submersible (CSS). The CSS concept was first envisaged some five years ago when offsho

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9 August 2015

Kashagan Offshore Oil Field

Discovered in July 2000, Kashagan was described as the largest field found in the past 30 years, the largest outside of the Middle East, with a projected output close to that of the Ghawar field in Saudi Arabia.

24 February 2015

Bohai Bay Field

Bohai Bay is the largest oil and gas production base offshore China, among those owned by the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC).

22 December 2011

Al Shaheen Oil Field

The Dukhan field, operated by Qatar Petroleum (QP), is one of the largest producing oil fields on the west coast of the Qatar peninsula.

30 December 2010

Montara Oil Field, Timor Sea

The Montara oil and gas field is located in the northern territory in block AC/RL3 650km west of Darwin in the Timor Sea

28 January 2010

Khvalynskoye Oil and Gas Field

The Khvalynskoye oil and gas project is located in the northern part of the Caspian Sea. The field lies at a water depth

25 January 2010

Rajasthan Block

Cairn India (CIL), a subsidiary of UK-based Cairn Energy, started production of oil from its Mangala oilfield in Barmer

14 October 2009

Sequoia Project

The Sequoia subsea development is located 130km northeast of Alexandria in the Mediterranean Sea and lies in water depth

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KG-21 Well, Krishna-Godavari Basin – India

Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC) discovered a 5,656m-deep gas column in the KG-21 well in the Krishna-Godavari

20 May 2009

Songkhla oil field, Gulf of Thailand

The Songkhla Basin is the largest of four Tertiary basins in G5/43, an 8,500km² block in the south-western portion

29 March 2009

Liwan 3-1 Gas Field, South China Sea

The Liwan 3-1 gas field sits in licence block 29/26 in the South China Sea, 350km south-east of Hong Kong in the Pearl River Mouth Basin.

23 March 2009

Angel Gas and Condensate Project

The Angel Gas and Condensate Project lies 115km off Western Australia, inshore from the North Rankin and Goodwyn fields.

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The Amenam-Kpono field sits astride offshore blocks OML 99 and OML 70, about 30km off the eastern part of the Niger Delt

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Stybarrow Oil Field, Australia

Discovered in February 2003, the Stybarrow oil field is located in licence block number WA-32-L in the Exmouth sub-basin

30 August 2007

Natuna Gas Field – Greater Sarawak Basin

Natuna gas field is in the Greater Sarawak Basin about 1,100km (700 miles) north of Jakarta and 225km (140 miles) northe

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Kikeh Floating Production, Storage and Offloading Development

The Kikeh field is located 120km northwest of the island of Labuan, offshore Sabah, East Malaysia in water depths of approximately 1,300m.

28 January 2007


The Mutineer-Exeter development is located approximately 150km north of Dampier on the north-west coast of Australia, in

25 July 2006

Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli Oilfield

The Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli (ACG) field lies 120km off the coast of Azerbaijan in 120m of water and contains 5.4 billion barrels of recoverable oil.

23 February 2006

Tui, Amokura and Pateke Reserves

Three oil fields - Tui, Amokura and Pateke reserves located in the offshore Taranaki basin, New Zealand - are being deve

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Otway Basin

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7 February 2005

Chinguetti Oil Field

The Chinguetti field lies off the coast of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, North West Africa, in Block 4, PSC (Produ

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West Seno, Makassar Strait

Lying in water depths of 2,400ft to 3,400ft, the West Seno field is Indonesia's first deepwater development. It lies in

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PM-3 Commercial Arrangement Area

Phases 2 and 3 of the PM-3 Commercial Arrangement Area (CAA) project are being carried out offshore Malaysia/Vietnam. Ph

13 June 2004

Blue Stream Natural Gas Pipeline

In 1998, Russia and Turkey signed an intergovernmental agreement for the sale of 565bcf per year of Russian natural gas.

10 August 2003

Kizomba Offshore Field Deepwater Project

Kizomba field lies in block 15 offshore Angola, marking one of the first tranches of deepwater acreage offered by the Angolan Government.

9 July 2001

Scarab and Saffron Gas Fields

The Scarab and Saffron gas fields represent the first deepwater development to be undertaken in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Langsa Oil Pool, Straits of Malacca

The Langsa Offshore Technical Assistance Contract (TAC) is located in the offshore part of the North Sumatra Basin in the Straits of Malacca.

BHP Petroleum Oil Field Project

Buffalo is located in the northern Timor Sea, with Laminaria 12km to the north-west and Elang around 55km to the south-east.

2 August 2000

Mossel Bay, Mossgas Gas Field Project

The EM and satellite gas fields are situated 120km south-west of the Mossel Bay complex.

5 June 2000

Malampaya Gas Field Project, South China Sea

The Malampaya field is located 80km off the coast of Palawan Island, in the Republic of the Philippines.

24 May 2000

Sakhalin Energy Oil and Gas Field Project

Sakhalin I consists of the development of the Odoptu field (oil and gas, discovered in 1977) and the Chayvo field (mainly gas, discovered in 1979).

19 May 2000

Liverpool Bay Oil and Gas Development Project

The Liverpool Bay Development is BHP Petroleum's largest global single project. It comprises four oil and gas fields, together with significant offshore and onshore facilities for extracting, transporting and processing the reserves.

16 May 2000

Apache oil and gas field project

Stag is located 65km off Dampier, on the North West Shelf, in 47m of water.

Brass Exploration Moni Pulo Oil and Gas Field Project

Abana lies on Block OML 114, at the mouth of the Calabar River in Nigeria, in water 4.8m deep (7.6m deep at high tide).

15 May 2000

Girassol FPSO, Luanda

Girassol is located about 210km north-northwest of Luanda, Angola. It lies in 1,350m of water and has been developed using a subsea facility tied back to an FPSO.

Woodside Shell Oil and Gas Field Project

Laminaria / Corallina is located in the Timor Sea, 550km north-west of Darwin.

Amoco Oil Field Project, South China Sea

The Liuhua 11-1 oil field is, to date, the largest oil field in the South China Sea and the reservoir is located in 1,00

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The Lufeng 22-1 oilfield lies 250km south-east of Hong Kong in the South China Sea, in 330m of water.

Statoil and BP oilfield project

The Shah Deniz oilfield lies between Mobil's Oquz, Chevron's Asheron and Exxon's Nakhchiuan fields. Its name is transla

Apache Energy Gas Field Project

Wonnich lies in Licence TL / 8 off the Western Australian coast, approximately 25km northwest of Varanus Island. The fie

Press Release

12 July 2010

One of Asia's largest independent offshore ship broking and marine consultancy firms, M3 Marine, has been instrumental in the conceptualisation and development of a new vessel type – the compact semi-submersible (CSS). The CSS concept was first envisaged some five years ago when offsho

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28 February 2010

The International Maritime Contractors Association (IMCA) met in Singapore last week for its annual global seminar on safety entitled 'Safety is our Common Language'. This seminar attracted a host of governmental, client and marine contracting industry specialists from around the globe.

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