ROV Tooling for Underwater Construction, Maintenance, and Repair Projects

Hibbard Inshore has vehicles that are rated to work at depths of up to 2,000m and so can get to areas that would be otherwise unreachable by divers. This capability gives our customers the option to complete work without dewatering even when the task area is restrictive and can save on project costs as well as on undue stress to the structure resulting from dewatering.

The company is able to equip almost any vehicle with specialty tooling to perform repairs, cleaning, and sampling. The vehicles have the capability of working with both hydraulic and electrical tools, and these tools can often be used in deep water, low or zero visibility, or in confined areas to complete construction tasks such as cutting, cleaning, lifting, retrieval, pumping, drilling, tightening, filling of holes or cracks, temporary or permanent bulkhead placement and removal, debris removal, trash screen removal and replacement.

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