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Qualification of a Cryogenic Floating Flexible Hose

Moving LNG production to an offshore setting certainly presents a serious set of challenges for the offshore oil and gas industry, particularly when it comes to the design and construction of FLNG facilities which need to maintain the utmost levels of safety and give increased flexibility to LNG production while withstanding the effects of winds, waves and currents in the open seas.

With the first FLNG plants now in production and 20 other planned FLNG projects worldwide, it is safe to say that over the past few years these challenges have been overcome and these facilities have well and truly demonstrated their economic and technical viability to the industry. But while some challenges have certainly been met, others remain.

This white paper will discuss Trelleborg's 20in ID cryogenic hose development and qualification program and outline why tandem offloading solutions are a viable alternative for the industry - not only limiting downtime, but also improving safety. The paper will present in this case the innovative offshore LNG offloading system using cryogenic floating hoses which has been jointly developed with Saipem since 2009 and about to be qualified according to EN1474 standard requirements.

For more information, please download this free white paper.

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