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Teijin: The Power of Aramid

We are a modern, innovative, high-tech company staffed by professionals who are fascinated by the potential of aramid. We are open and transparent, and have a strong, people-oriented culture that values respect. In short, Teijin Aramid is a committed company that employees feel proud to work for.

A company that brings out the best in people with a wide range of technical and commercial backgrounds.

As a technology-driven company that invests around 5% of turnover in R&D, regardless of the economic cycle, we have built up a powerful portfolio of patents. We are continually enhancing our products, optimizing our own manufacturing processes and, where required, we also advise on those of our customers. We carry out research and development in three main areas:

  • Looking for new applications for existing aramid products
  • Improving the properties of aramids to meet the changing needs of market sectors
  • Tailoring products to the needs of our customers by applying sophisticated aftertreatments and, where we identify clear customer benefits, making changes upstream to spinning conditions and even to the characteristics of the polymer itself

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