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Delivering a Protective Shield to Solve Corrosive Problems for Metals

Corrosion within most engineer divisions is a problem which is a continual losing battle with no end other than expense. Unfortunately there is no escape from corrosion-instigated detrition of metallic structures.

Tried and tested means to control corrosion have been around for many a year, but the issue remains continual within any engineering environment where complex metalwork exists; there is no clean, safe way to limit the damage caused by corrosion. Painting, greasing, taping and putties are historical means of corrosion control, however, all of these methods require either heavy preparation of the substrate, leave a permanent residue on the substrate or contain harmful chemicals that pose a direct threat and devastating consequences to the environment.

Oxifree UK corrosion prevention and control system is a process that uses a naturally occurring thermoplastic polymeric resin to provide complete encapsulation of flanges, valves and all manner of complex structures. Spray applied, the molten substance forms a cocoon around the substrate and prevent any electrolytic moisture or corrosive or potentially damaging particles coming into contact with the asset. The thermoplastic polymer also contains a high concentration of corrosion inhibiting oil that will secrete onto the surface of the substrate nullifying and established predatory corrosion.

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