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SEA Company Brochure

Sea Group is composed of five companies located in Italy, Malta and Brasil; and has its headquarters in Ravenna. The position of the working structures of the Group has been chosen for strategic and business reasons: Malta plays a fundamental strategic role being in the centre of the Mediterranean sea, as it allows SEA to manage the Mediterranean oil and gas industry. Furthermore, the Island has a fairly important port that enables SEA to manage its vessels accordingly. SEA's Brazilian affiliate has hosted the most important trenching projects in the last few years and from Brazil, SEA can address the Central and South American markets.

In order to comply with the oil and gas market requirements, in 2010, SEA S.r.l. obtained the ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

Given SEA's impressive curriculum, having completed projects successfully for the most important Oil and Gas companies in the World, the Group is well connected to the Offshore markets.

For more information please download this white paper.

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