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Leading the World in Explosion Protection

Welcome to Elmac Technologies, the technical leaders in flame and explosion protection systems for use in the world's most challenging industrial environments.

Established in 1948, and now part of The Greenfield Group, we developed our first flame arrester for use with highly combustible town gas. That pioneering safety solution was quickly adopted across the gas processing and distribution industries, and played a valuable part in forming the global reputation we enjoy today.

Renowned for the design, manufacture and supply of innovative safety systems for the broadest range of sectors, we are extremely proud of our technical expertise.

We offer a comprehensive range of in-line detonation arresters and both in-line and end-of-line deflagration arresters.

Investing heavily in new product development, we work closely with our customers to provide world-class solutions that keep people and plants safe.

For more information on our explosion protection capabilities, please download this free brochure.

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