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Setting More in Motion Together

The structure of Montanhydraulik Group gives us the freedom to be able to serve our markets independently and with flexibility, which in turn gives us and our customers the assurance that the projects entrusted to us will be executed on time anywhere in the world and to the highest quality standards.

Our technology centre at our headquarters in Holzwickede is home to research, development and new constructions and symbolises the strength of innovation that the Montanhydraulik Group possesses. Engineers and draughtsmen exchange ideas and develop suitable solutions based on the most diverse requirements from our customers, from optimisations right down to designing new products from scratch.

What applies to the individual company, applies in much the same way also to the entire group. Each company possesses a specific know-how and particular skills. As we are working together across national borders this growing technical competence
is to the benefit of the corporate group.

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