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Aviation Fuel Contamination Monitoring

Development work carried out by CMC engineers in conjunction with Exxon Mobil Aviation highlighted the need for an alternative test method to determine the levels of dispersed contamination in jet fuel. Five years of field testing and development of the already established and successful icountLCM20 Hydraulic Laser Particle Counter saw the introduction of the Parker icountACM20 with enhanced software providing the user with a better understanding of the contamination present in a sample.

As the benchmark particle counter for use in measuring the levels of contamination in fuels, the icountACM20, as per the UK's Energy Institute Test Method IP564, has now been included in the DEFSTAN 91-91 Issue 6 Jet Fuel Specification as a report only test alongside the current Gravimetric test method (IP423 or ASTM D5452) and Clear & Bright Visual test method (IP216 or ASTM D2276).

Please download this white paper for more information.

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