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Next Generation Gas Engine Oil Lubrication

Engine designs, operating conditions, customer needs and environmental factors continue to place high demands on lubricants for natural gas engines. Projections for future energy supply and demand indicate that oil, coal and natural gas will continue to be the predominant energy sources through 2030.

As energy prices fluctuate through market cycles, owners and operators of natural gas engines will seek ways to reduce their energy costs. This will be especially true in power generation markets where fuel costs directly affect profitability. In addition, the power generation industry is seeking options to improve its productivity and sustainability.

In many cases, a well designed lubricant can provide benefits that contribute to sustainability such as extended oil life, reduced oil for disposition, energy efficiency and extended equipment life for power generation applications, including cogeneration, biogas and landfill applications.

This paper will discuss next generation natural gas engine oil product development results utilizing leading-edge product technology that have demonstrated extended oil life, excellent piston deposit control and increased engine efficiency in the field.

This paper will also provide additional case studies of the extensive engine durability test programs which evaluated the oil life, piston cleanliness, lube oil consumption and wear performance of gas engine oils in shop and field applications.

This paper will also cover the preliminary results of lower viscosity candidates which provide significantly greater efficiency gains while maintaining excellent engine durability. Consequently the development of these next generation natural gas engine oils could significantly enhance the sustainability of natural gas fueled power generation engines.

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