System Reliability Analysis on a Subsea BOP Control Circuit with SimulationX®

The engineers designing subsea BOP control systems often make important decisions, which will directly influence in the system performance and reliability. SimulationX® is widely used to prove the system performance and the same SimulationX® model can also be used for analysing the system reliability as part of the system design when the engineers decides which solutions shall be used in the final design. When building a virtual system model for verifying the system performance, the 'Transient Mode' is used for detailed investigation of each system element and its behaviour in the time domain. Changing to 'Fault Tree Mode', the same model can be initiated with failure data and the systems reliability can be verified. This paper describes how Fault Tree and FMEA analysis can be performed on the same virtual system model as used for the performance analysis. To read more, please download this free white paper.

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