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Completion / Workover System Safety Bails

The safe operation of floating drilling rigs at all times is a well-known industry challenge; during completion, well testing, well intervention and workover (C/WOR) operations.

ScanTech is part of James Fisher and Sons plc, has designed and developed the Safety Bails, an innovative controllable failure system that improves the safety of semi-submersibles and drill ships during completion and workover (C/WOR) operations to comply with ISO 13628/7 standards.

As the designed in weakest link in the system, it provides a controlled failure mechanism at a predetermined load reducing the risk of damage to expensive equipment, increasing safety of the drilling installation's operatives and minimizing the risk of environmental contamination.

The development of the safety bails demonstrates ScanTech's continued commitment to the offshore oil and gas industry worldwide, by enhancing safe operations and reducing risk to personnel, operational and environmental concerns.

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