Natural Gas Fleet Maintenance Facilities

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) are common methane fuels used by long-haul trucking firms as well as municipal fleet vehicles, also known as natural gas vehicles (NGVs). As private companies and municipalities convert their fleets from diesel to LNG -or CNG-fueled vehicles to reduce fuel costs and emissions, NGV maintenance and storage facilities must be constructed, overhauled or renovated to include safety products to manage leaks of LNG/CNG fuels. Such facilities are generally large buildings (four to 10 or more bay doors) with roll-up doors for each bay.

CNG vehicles can be subject to leaks due to premature natural gas cylinder release, typically caused by use of defective or incorrect pressure relief valves. LNG vehicle tanks that are stored within warming conditions can also be subject to pressure relief valve gas leaks, as well as liquid leaks.* If NGVs are stored within enclosed maintenance facilities, potentially hazardous gas and vapor buildup may occur. Natural gas leaks with an ignition source present can result in explosions and fire.

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