TwinZapp: Treating Oil in Water (OIW) Emulsions for Discharge to Sea

The increasing water cut in mature fields and tightening regulations are the main drivers for the growing challenge of treating oil in water emulsions. In addition, the industry is creating more emulsions in novel applications, such as fracking, well deliquification and alkali surfactant polymer water as used in enhanced oil recovery.

Installed treatment equipment often relies on time and gravity as the main forces for separation of water and hydrocarbons (Stokes' law). For chemically stable emulsions, these forces are not sufficient.

Parker Twin Filter has developed a technology based on its already extensive product line and experience in treating oilfield wastewater. It uses the proven technology of electrical oxidation but uses this in a novel way to clean up water in a three-step process.

The process is fitted on two mobile skids as an end-of-pipe solution. The input is water from the near atmospheric skimmer tank and the output is water that can be discharged to sea without further processing. The skids are self-sufficient, ATEX zone 2 certified and only require electrical power and work air. It does not require regular attention from operators or specialists because the output of NTU is monitored by sensor technology.

For more information, please download this free white paper.

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