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Is Grip the New Safety Feature?

This is probably going to be one of the shortest articles that you have ever read, as the answer to that question is yes, grip is indeed the new safety feature. So how come grip is able to offer the glove user more safety?

Surely gloves have always had grip, so how can this be a new thing? The answer to these questions is the type of grip and the way it delivers it. For many years glove manufacturers have been developing and producing gloves that have been unable to deliver the type of performance needed.

For example, in lightweight assembly applications, such as the ones found typically on automotive production lines, the grip has to be enough to be able to handle the parts. However, there shouldn't be too much grip as this can hinder those assembling the parts.

On the flip side there are people that handle oily components to make, for example, transmissions and suspension systems which are covered in preserving oils and lubricating fluids.

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