Archer, an oilfield service company based in Bermuda, has secured a contract from New Zealand-based OMV Taranaki for the provision of drilling services using the modular drilling rig Archer Emerald.

The contract also includes provision of associated services, materials, equipment and personnel. This is for a firm five-well contract with two one-well options on OMV’s Maui A platform located in the Tasman Sea in New Zealand.

OMV New Zealand owns and operates the Maui gas field in which it acquired 83.75% share from Shell Exploration NZ and 6.25% share from Todd Energy at the end of 2018. Maui, the country’s largest gas field until 2008, meets a third of New Zealand’s gas needs.

The commitment under the firm contract is estimated at 11 months, with an additional five months for the optional wells.

After completion of rig reactivation and pre-operation acceptance testing, the modular drilling rig Archer Emerald will be brought from Norway to New Zealand and drilling is expected to commence in March 2020.

Archer vice-president for platform drilling Kenny Dey said: “We are delighted to have been awarded this contract which reinforces our position as the leading provider of harsh environment offshore modular drilling rigs with our commitment to provide safe and efficient drilling solutions.

“This award demonstrates the confidence our client has in our modular rig technology and personnel following Emerald’s first successful drilling campaign on Maui A between 2012 and 2014.

“We look forward to working closely with OMV. Our personnel are committed to deliver safe, efficient and successful wells.”