BW Energy has commenced drilling work at the Hibiscus extension appraisal well (DHIBM-2) on the Dussafu Marin Permit offshore Gabon.

The move marks the start of the 2021 drilling campaign on the Dussafu licence. It involves two exploration wells in the Hibiscus area and one production well on the Tortue field.

Located in a water depth of 119m, the DHIBM-2 well is being drilled using Borr Drilling’s Norve jack-up drilling rig to assess the northerly extension of the Gamba reservoir in the nearby Hibiscus field.

Subject to the potential discovery of hydrocarbon-bearing at the DHIBM-2 well, the Dussafu licence partners plan to drill one or two appraisal sidetracks to further delineate the field.

In a press statement, BW Energy said: “The appraisal well will provide new input to the ongoing Hibiscus/Ruche development project, which is currently based on the already discovered 46.1 million barrels gross 2P reserve at Hibiscus and the 24.1 million barrels discovered at Ruche and Ruche North East.”

The Hibiscus/Ruche development project, which is planned to start production in the first quarter of 2023, involves a converted jack-up rig tied back to a floating production storage and offloading (FPSO).

A total of 12 development wells are planned to be drilled in two phases.

However, upon identifying potential reserves at Hibiscus field following DHIBM-2 drilling, the first converted jack-up will be relocated and the second converted jack-up will be deployed to fully exploit the potential resources.

The Dussafu license is operated by BW Energy with majority stake while other partners include Tullow Oil Gabon, Gabon Oil Co., and Panoro Energy.

Panoro CEO John Hamilton said: “We are now restarting an exciting phase of operational activity in Gabon. Hibiscus Extension represents the largest potential impact well this year for Panoro.

“The rig will then proceed to drill the final production well at Tortue before drilling another exploration well at Hibiscus North to further test the significant upside at Dussafu.”

Following the DHIBM-2 well drilling, the rig is planned to be moved to drill the DTM-7H horizontal production well at the Tortue field.