Geoteric has announced the launch of two new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered seismic interpretation products.

The two seismic interpretation products are namely ‘Collaborative AI’ and ‘Geoteric Stratum’.

Complementing the existing Geoteric workflows, Collaborative AI aims to enhance traditional interpretation, as well as extract faults from seismic data at the click of a button and without any need for network training.

In the Collaborative AI product, the seismic interpretation is augmented with AI. This enables faster and more accurate results.

Meanwhile, Geoteric Stratum is a Cloud-based AI software that delivers simple usability and greater detail for reservoir compartmentalisation, fault identification and well trajectory planning.

It achieves outstanding results with an ‘intuitive workflow’ by adding an extra dimension of analysis and providing crucial information. This information will enable in informing exploration and development decisions.

Geoteric CEO Nicola Blanshard said: “Our AI interpretation solutions allow users to achieve the industry-leading results they expect from Geoteric. We have combined over 30 years of geological experience with an in-depth knowledge of AI to create customised networks that generate high fidelity results.

“This leading-edge AI technology has been offered exclusively through consultancy projects during the past 12 months. The feedback we have received has been very positive; clearly this technology provides our clients with substantial new insights into their assets.

“I’m incredibly proud of our team’s passion, drive and commitment, which has resulted in the delivery of our ground-breaking new AI seismic interpretation products.”

Geoteric is a provider of software and services to energy companies globally.