Oil field service company Halliburton has acquired a new portfolio of electro-mechanical downhole cutting tools and related tubing punches from UK-based well drilling contractor Westerton.

The new portfolio enables operators to provide a safe and reliable alternative to conventional pipe recovery and intervention across the well lifecycle from exploration to well abandonment.

The downhole cutting portfolio, which is electro-mechanical in nature, includes single and rotating blade configurations which can execute precision cuts on oilfield tubulars. With this portfolio, operators will achieve single blade cuts in a short span of time with real-time downhole data that is capable of reducing uncertainty of data.

According to Halliburton, the technology eliminates the need for traditional explosive charges and chemicals, resulting in enhanced safety and un-complicated transportation. The complete portfolio of the new technology provides faster and accurate cutting solutions.

Each operation of the electro-mechanical downhole cutting requires minimal surface equipment to carry out faster disposal from any wireline unit.

Halliburton Wireline and Perforating vice-president Trey Clark said: “The ability to deploy cutting services rapidly and efficiently is important for pipe recovery.

“This new technology complements Halliburton’s extensive well intervention portfolio, helping operators reduce the cost to construct new wells and extend the life of old wells.”

Halliburton said that an operator has recently used the electro-mechanical downhole cutting service for a well abandonment programme in the North Sea. The technology saved one and half days of rig time per well, which is a decent reduction from the initial plan.