Oil spill

CSA Ocean Sciences (CSA) has built and hosted a login-based GeoPortal, which is part of its ‘marine environmental services for spill response’.

The application provides real-time data to improve the incident responders’ efficiency and serves as a tool for streamlining the planning, visualisation and coordination efforts of multiple contractors working on a cooperative damage assessment.

CSA’s GeoSpatial Services business line has been used for tasks that are associated with planning, science and operations for oil spill response.

Specific tasks of the new portal include enabling the tracking of multiple field teams on small vessels through SPOT real-time communicators and guiding operational decision-making based on observed progress of field teams.

Transit times to, from and between various study areas can also be evaluated using the portal in order to improve field team efficiency, safety and integration.

The GeoPortal provides a common frame of reference and allows team members to store and view project-specific spatial data, including oiling observations over time, sampling designs and sampling results.

According to the company, GeoPortal includes spatial data, which has GPS digital still photographs collected by field teams in aeroplanes, helicopters, boats and also on foot.

"ESRI’s ArcGIS Server technology supports the common operating platform allowing for ‘big picture’ visualisation and analysis."

Team members will have better communication and understanding, regardless of location, with the availability of these resources in one online location.

The GeoPortal’s efficiency to provide intake capacity for field data and seamless migration into an enterprise database allows for real-time decision making to guide incident response decisions.

ESRI’s ArcGIS Server technology supports the common operating platform allowing for ‘big picture’ visualisation and analysis.

CSA senior scientist Dr Jodi Harney said: "The GeoPortal has improved coordination, integration and communication among teams responding to the incident and is providing a framework for subsequent data analysis and assessment."

Image: CSA’s new GeoPortal aids oil spill response, as well as damage assessments. Photo: courtesy of Victor Habbick/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net.