US-based energy firm Noble Energy has discovered oil at the Dantzler exploration well in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico, and gas at the Tamar Southwest (SW) exploration well, offshore Israel.

Located in Mississippi Canyon 782, the Dantzler well was drilled to a depth of 19,234ft in 6,580ft of water, where the company claims to have detected 120 net feet of primarily crude oil pay in two high-quality Miocene reservoirs as per the wireline logging data.

The Dantzler well is located 12 miles to the west of the Company’s Rio Grande development area, which includes discoveries at Big Bend and Troubadour.

The total amount of crude discovered at the Dantzler is expected to be between the equivalent of 55 and 95 million barrels of oil.

Noble Energy also encountered net natural gas pay of about 355ft within the targeted Miocene intervals at the Tamar SW well, while it was drilled to a total depth of 17,420ft in 5,405ft of water.

Tamar SW, which is company’s eighth consecutive discovery in the Levant basin, is located about eight miles away southwest from the Tamar field.

According to the evaluation of drilling data and wireline logs, the well has gross resources between 640 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of natural gas and 770 Bcf and is expected to have per well productivity of about 250 million cubic feet of natural gas per day.

Noble Energy Exploration and Geoscience vice-president Mike Putnam said the new discoveries, combined with the company’s exploration and appraisal successes earlier this year, have continued its organic exploration and identified new sources of future growth.

"The discovery underpins our ability to meet the growing market demand in Israel and within the region."

"Dantzler represents our third consecutive exploration discovery in the Miocene trend of the Gulf of Mexico and complements our existing developments at Rio Grande and Gunflint," Putnam said.

"In Israel, the discovery at Tamar SW further enhances our discovered resources in the Eastern Mediterranean, which now totals nearly 40 trillion cubic feet of natural gas."

The discovery also underpins our ability to meet the growing market demand in Israel and within the region."

The energy firm owns 45% interest in Dantzler, while Ridgewood Energy holds 35% interest and W&T Energy VI operates a 20% share.