Seabed exploration company Ocean Infinity has completed a survey contract in Angola It says this survey is the “first time that geophysical, geotechnical and seismic data has been gathered at the same time”.

The survey for Total E&P was carried out from one vessel and on a single cruise out to the project site.

Ocean Infinity used its autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) in the 28-day project.

The project was controlled from the host vessel Normand Frontier. Ocean Infinity conducted 2D Ultra High-Resolution seismic surveys and seabed soil sampling in Block 32 and Block 17, in deep waters offshore Angola.

Ocean Infinity CTO Josh Broussard said: “We are very pleased to have completed this survey project for Total E&P in Angola, which has been a resounding success and has evidenced significant progress in the efficiency of collecting data.

“Our technology continues to be at the forefront of innovation and we are delighted to have demonstrated this by gathering three sets of high-quality data through multiple AUVs deployed simultaneously with geotechnical and seismic equipment, from a single vessel, a first for the industry.”

Last month, Ocean Infinity launched a new marine technology and data company, Armada, with a focus on combining technology and sustainability.

Armada will initially add 15 marine robots to Ocean Infinity’s existing fleet of AUVs. Armada’s fleet is anticipated to be deployable by the end of this year.