Saipem has received a contract worth approximately $350m from Qatargas for additional work within the North Field Production Sustainability Offshore Project.

Considered to be the world’s biggest single non-associated natural gas field, the North Field is located offshore the north-east Qatar peninsula.

With the latest contract, Qatargas has exercised two options from the $1.7bn order signed in February with Saipem.

Work under the contract extension pertains to hydrocarbons rerouting through the new facilities from the existing wellhead platform, due to the decommissioning of the existing pipeline.

Saipem will be responsible for the construction of two additional riser platforms and two additional connecting bridges with existing wellhead platforms.

The company will also build two corrosion-resistant carbon steel cladded intra-field pipelines, as well as decommission the existing pipeline.

Saipem in a statement said: “Works associated with the exercise of the options will be fully integrated with the project activities of two contract awards announced earlier this year, the North Field Production Sustainability Offshore and the North Field Production Sustainability Pipeline, which are both part of the strategic development of the North Field production plateau.”

Currently, the firm is working on project engineering and site preparation activities.

The North Field Production Sustainability Offshore Project aims to sustain the Qatargas North Field production plateau.

North Field Expansion Project is aimed at increasing Qatar’s LNG production capacity from 77 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) to 110Mtpa.