Norwegian survey service firm TGS and US oilfield services company Schlumberger have announced a strategic collaboration for multi-client ocean-bottom node projects in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

Under the agreement, TGS will work with Schlumberger’s geophysical services company WesternGeco . The collaboration includes work on the previously-announced 2,350km2 Amendment Phase 1 project in Atwater Valley and the Mississippi Canyon, as well as developing additional investment opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico.

TGS CEO Kristian Johansen said: “TGS and WesternGeco have a strong track record of investing together, using the latest technology so that our clients can benefit from large-scale, high-quality data in the US Gulf of Mexico.

“Both companies are at the forefront of ocean-bottom node technology with Amendment Phase 1 being the world’s first large-scale, multi-client sparse node program. We are working closely with our clients to plan future phases and are excited by the potential growth in exploration and production activity that this could drive in the US Gulf of Mexico and beyond.”

TGS and WesternGeco aim to use their extensive multi-client libraries of seismic and other geoscience data in the Gulf of Mexico alongside a number of data processing techniques to improve imaging of complex subsalt structures, producing higher-quality seismic data than would otherwise be available in the areas of interest.

WesternGeco president Maurice Nessim said: “In line with our asset-light strategy and global technology leadership, we are looking at opportunities to deploy and accelerate the use of advanced technologies, including ocean-bottom node technology.

“Our goal is to help our clients mitigate subsurface risks and accelerate their exploration and development programs. WesternGeco and TGS are leading the industry in the application of ocean-bottom nodes on multi-client seismic projects. Our geophysical, geological and technology expertise position us well for this next phase of activity in the US Gulf of Mexico.”