Proposed in December 2020, Trump’s regulation would have reversed the rules proposed by former President Barack Obama to improve safety in the Arctic conditions.

Trump’s proposed rules included the removal of the need for oil operators to submit detailed operations plans prior to exploration and showcase their ability to contain spills rapidly in the event of a crisis.

The rollback effort forms part of US President Joe Biden’s wider federal agenda to tackle climate change.

Interior Department said in a statement: “The Arctic exploratory drilling regulations released in 2016 are critical to ensuring adequate safety and environmental protections for this sensitive ecosystem and Alaska Native subsistence activities.”

In 2016, then US President Obama passed regulations that banned new oil and gas drilling in federal waters through a five-year plan, which is due to expire in 2022.

Meanwhile, US Congressman Frank Pallone Jr, the representative for New Jersey’s 6th congressional district, is reintroducing legislation for a permanent ban of oil and gas drilling in the Atlantic Ocean.

The legislation would ban exploration, development, or production of oil or gas along the Atlantic Coast, including the North, Mid, and South Atlantic and Straits of Florida planning areas.

In a statement, Pallone said: “The reintroduction of Pallone’s bill coincides with a bipartisan effort across the country to permanently ban offshore drilling in U.S. federal waters in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Eastern Gulf of Mexico as the 2022 expiration date on the plan approaches.”

Earlier this year, the Biden administration imposed a temporary ban on all new leases for onshore and offshore oil and gas drilling on federal land and water.