VG Offshore Containers International is the specialist in design and fabrication acoustic enclosures. The enclosures are complete with attenuators and sound proofing to meet noise level requirement of less than 85dB.

VG installed high-density fire retardant and noise-reduction insulation to provide the optimum absorption of the noise generated from the engine. For each design, VG’s team of engineering takes into consideration of customer’s future maintenance aspect, such as Genset Overhaul and removable canopy. Detailed analysis and calculations will be carried out on the skid base structure for the Genset placement and additional strengthening were provided including removable flooring for ease of maintenance.

All our enclosures incorporate the following finest quality features as below:

  • Robust
  • High efficiency in sound proofing and fire proofing
  • Excellent corrosion-resistant construction
  • Enclosed exhaust silencing system
  • Designed for ease of transportation by road or sea
  • Fully weatherproofed
  • Heavy duty lockable doors complete with emergency push button and viewing glass
  • Load tested and certified for lifting by International Certification Body
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Optional: Overhead crane for internal maintenance and bunded tank