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AquaComm: Underwater Wireless Modem

AquaComm underwater wireless modem is the ideal choice for underwater communications when utmost reliability and flexible design integration are critical to your application’s success.


  • High reliability of communications
  • Low power consumption
  • Ease of integration
  • Small form factor and lightweight


  • Purpose-designed algorithms and electronics for highly reliable underwater communications
  • Shown to be the most reliable in numerous independent tests by major organisations
  • Proven over many years of commercial use
  • Uses 10-20 times less power than competing products
  • DSPComm is an OEM specialist
  • Small form factor, lightweight
  • Transparent command modes
  • Easy to understand command structure
  • Standard RS-232 connection for DC-DTE
  • Quickly and successfully integrated with numerous products
  • Less than half the size of competing modems


  • Works in virtually any real-world sea state where others have failed
  • Dramatically reduce operational risks and maintenance costs
  • Brings certainty and confidence that your application will work
  • Lower maintenance requirements and total cost of ownership
  • Broadens the types of applications AquaComm can be used for
  • Quick and low-cost integration
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Broadens the types of applications AquaComm can be used for

AquaComm is available in 100bit/sec and 480bit/sec versions and in two forms:

  • OEM: AquaComm modem module for integrating into an OEM’s housing
  • Encased: AquaComm modem module encased in AquaCase

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