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Reliable Underwater Wireless Modems

DSPComm is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of plug-and-play underwater wireless modems to the global subsea market.

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DSPComm is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of plug-and-play underwater wireless modems to the global subsea market. It specialises in providing equipment to groups that need world-class acoustic telemetry in their underwater applications. The company has been in business supplying reliable underwater acoustic communication equipment for over ten years.

The key benefits of DSPComm underwater wireless modems are:

  • Through-water communication reliability in all conditions
  • Through-water data integrity in both shallow and deep water
  • Transmission distances up to 10km
  • Small footprint and low power consumption
  • Ease of integration
  • Network capable: up to one million individual addressable nodes

Underwater wireless modem applications

DSPComm modems have been integrated by its customers into many different applications, including:

  • Production telemetry and control
  • Riser monitoring
  • Redundant systems (for failsafe in case cables fail)
  • Pipeline monitoring
  • Corrosion monitoring
  • Seismic event monitoring
  • Platform-free fields
  • AUV and ROV communications

Reliable underwater communications

Many offshore projects require reliable underwater communications, where failure in the communications system can lead to costly maintenance, delays, production downtime, or environmental disasters.

DSPComm underwater wireless modems provide highly reliable wireless communications in any practical deployment scenario.
AquaComm provides highly reliable underwater communications with flexible design integration.
Aquacomm can be used for riser and pipeline monitoring during production and construction.

DSPComm helps clients reduce project execution risks and increase operational efficiency in offshore projects. Its reliable and versatile AquaComm underwater wireless modem is the ideal choice for underwater communications when utmost reliability and flexible design integration are critical to the application’s success. The modems dramatically improve underwater communication systems by:

  • Replacing a cabled system with a wireless system that offers high communications reliability, vastly increased flexibility (by removing the cable), and significantly reduced deployment and maintenance time
  • Providing crucial redundancy to cabled systems
  • Vastly expanding the scope of underwater control and monitoring activities through applications not possible with cabled systems

Some of the applications that AquaComm can be used for include:

  • Subsea production platform / tree actuator control and redundant systems
  • Subsea real-time data reticulation and monitoring from instrumentation
  • Pipeline monitoring for corrosion and hydrocarbon scale build up
  • Downhole data transmission
  • Data gathering / monitoring / control during exploration and production platform installation activity
  • AUV / ROV / diver communications
  • Underwater security monitoring systems against saboteur threats

About DSPComm

The business model of DSPComm is unique, as the company solely focuses on producing plug-and-play modems that can be integrated into every possible underwater solution that requires reliable wireless data transmission. DSPComm does not compete with the OEM, services companies, integrators and/or other solution providers, and therefore is the only company of its kind globally.

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DSPComm (Thailand) Co., Ltd
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