The OSI AWOS AV™ system is a fully automated aviation weather observing and reporting system designed to support airborne and ground users.

This FAA-certified AWOS is equipped with dual-pressure sensors and visibility sensors for determining official altimeter settings, visibility and reporting via FCC-licensed UHF data radio, internet, land line or cell phones

A basic OSI AWOS AV™ system consists of:

  • FAA-approved barometric pressure sensors
  • FAA-approved visibility sensor.

It can be enhanced with:

  • Wind speed/direction sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensors
  • Ceilometer

A full OSI AWOS AV™ system calculates the altimeter setting, density altitude, condensation altitude, dew point, and can report prevailing and gust wind components for pre-programmed runway headings.

With OSI AV software and a Digital Data Receiver (DDR), tower weather telemetry and any NOTAMs are communicated by broadcast audio on a pilot-activated VHF frequency or an Endless Loop Dedicated Frequency (ELDF) on a specified VHF frequency, or by viewing the operator’s terminal display in the FBO location, Internet and dialup voice modem options allow remote user access from anywhere on earth.