Encompassing all aspects of signalling the BEx range of explosion proof products offer some of the most powerful visual and audible signalling for hazardous area Zone 1 and 2 gas environments and Zone 21 and 22 dust environments.

All products in this range are manufactured from corrosion proof, marine grade, copper free LM6 (A413) aluminium which is phosphated and powder coated to suit the harshest of environments. A large termination area containing in & out terminals and ingress protection of IP67 (Ex d) and IP66 (Ex de).

The powerful flameproof Xenon beacons come in 21, 15, 10 and 5 Joule to suit a range of requirements. Alarm sounders are available with traditional horn design as well as radial horn design for omni-directional sound dispersion.

Plated assemblies can be created to include sounders and visual alarms depending on the requirements. The plated assemblies have the option ofExe Junction Box to make installation easier.

Specialist products Hootronic and Belltronic offer zero maintenance alternatives to traditional mechanical alarms and faithfully produce sounds of bells, buzzers, claxons and sirens depending on the model.

Telephone initiated models are included in the range in both audible and visual signals and loudspeakers in both 15W and 25W versions.

Explosion proof call points are available in break glass, push button and tool reset models.

Many devices in the BEx range includes multiple approvals for easy specifying and ordering.