Board Offshore Crane

The BOS crane is a conventional slew bearing type, rope luffing crane with lattice boom. This type of crane is available in different sizes and lifting capacities of up to 1,200t. The maximum boom length for this crane is 102m, which is required for offshore wind park installation.

The crane is suitable for both floating and fixed applications offshore.

A compact and function-orientated design, as well as Liebherr’s inhouse-developed Litronic control system make the board offshore crane series (BOS) from Liebherr one the most successful products in the offshore crane segment. The BOS is a conventional slew bearing crane with a cable luffing mechanism and can be powered electro-hydraulically or diesel-hydraulically. Explosion-proof systems are available.


  • Overturning moment: from 2,600tm to 4,5000tm
  • Main hoist capacity: from 15t to 1,200t
  • Boom length: from 30m to 102m
  • Slewing range: 360° unlimited
  • Drive system: electro or diesel-hydraulic